Welcome to AASP – The Palynological Society

AASP – The Palynological society (AASP-TPS) was founded to promote the science of palynology for and in behalf of the public interest.  It is a non-profit organization, to foster the spirit of scientific research among its members and others engaged in this field of science.  Through its work, the AASP-TPS aims to promote an inclusive and equitable scientific culture, which is free from discrimination and harassment of any kind. It also aims to gather information and data on this subject that is disseminated to its members and to the general public.  AASP-TPS was established as the “American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists” following a survey conducted by Herbert Sullivan in spring of 1967. It held its first meeting on December 8, 1967 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.