Professional awards

As a member of The Palynological Society consider making a nomination for an award to express our appreciation to members that shape our discipline and our society. 

Award Commemorative Item Presented by Frequency
Medal for Scientific Merit and Outstanding Promise Wooden Plaque with Medal Awards Committee Occasionally
Board of Directors Award Plaque or Certificate
Medal for Excellence in Education Wooden Plaque with Medal
Distinguished Service Award Engraved Wooden Plate
Medal for Scientific Excellence Wooden Plaque with Medal
Honorary Life Membership Engraved Wooden Plate Infrequently
The basic nomination procedure is similar for most awards:

  • main letter of nomination
  • accompanied by letters of support (describing how the nominee meets the award criteria)

Details of the procedures for each award can be found here.
The deadline for submission of society awards nominations is March 1 of each year.

Please submit your nomination to:

Awards Committee Chair:
Marie L. Thomas, Ph.D. (Houston, USA)