AASP-TPS is proud to offer the following awards to members, students, and friends of the society.

Society Awards:
AASP-TPS Board of Directors Award (
AASP-TPS Medal for Scientific Excellence (
AASP-TPS Medal for Scientific Merit and Outstanding Promise (
AASP-TPS Distinguished Service Award (
AASP-TPS Medal for Excellence in Education (
AASP-TPS Honorary Life Membership (

Leadership Awards
Presidential Service
Director at Large Service

Student Awards:
AASP-TPS Student Research Awards (
AASP-TPS Student Travel Awards (
L.R. Wilson Best Student Paper Award (
Vaughn Bryant Best Poster Award (

Nominations for AASP-TPS Awards should be made by members of the society to the Awards Committee Chair:
Marie L. Thomas, Ph.D.
Houston, TX, USA

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