Past award winners

The American Association of Stratigraphic Palynologists, Inc. – AASP – The Palynological Society – was established in 1967 by a group of 31 founding members to promote the science of palynology. AASP continues to recognize the contributions of these founding members and the service of dedicated members and friends of the society throughout the years. The following list recognizes prior award winners from 1975 through today.

AASP-TPS Scientific Medal recipients
Professor William R. Evitt (awarded 1982)
Professor William G. Chaloner (awarded 1984)
Dr. Lewis E. Stover (awarded 1988)
Dr. Graham Lee Williams (awarded 1996)
Dr. Hans Gocht (awarded 1996)
Professor Svein B. Manum (awarded 2002)
Professor Barrie Dale (awarded 2004)
Dr. David Wall (awarded 2004)
Dr. Robin Helby (awarded 2005)
Dr. Satish K. Srivastava (awarded 2006)
Professor Estella B. Leopold (awarded 2013)
Professor Vaughn M. Bryant (awarded 2016)
Professor David Batten (awarded 2018)

AASP-TPS Honorary Membership recipients
Professor Dr. Alfred Eisenack (elected 1975)
Dr. William S. Hoffmeister (elected 1975)
Professor Leonard R. Wilson (elected 1975)
Professor Knut Faegri (elected 1977)
Professor Charles Downie (elected 1982)
Professor William R. Evitt (elected 1989)
Professor Lucy M. Cranwell (elected 1989)
Dr. Tamara F. Vozzhennikova (elected 1990)
Professor Aureal T. Cross (elected 1991)
Dr. Robert T. Clarke (awarded 2002)
Professor Vaughn Bryant (awarded 2005)
Professor Alfred Traverse (awarded 2005)
Professor Bernard Owens (awarded 2011)
Dr. John E. Williams (awarded 2013)
Mr. Paul W. Nygreen (awarded 2013)
Professor Norman Norton (awarded 2016)
Professor George F. Hart (awarded 2020)

AASP-TPS Board of Directors Award recipients
Dr. Robert T. Clarke (awarded 1994)
Dr. Thomas D. Demchuk (awarded 2014)

AASP-TPS Medal for Excellence in Education
Professor Aureal T. Cross (awarded 1999)
Professor Alfred Traverse (awarded 2001)
Professor Bill Evitt (awarded 2006)
Professor Vaughn M. Bryant (awarded 2013)
Professor Geoffrey Clayton (awarded 2016)
Professor Sophie Warny (awarded 2021)

AASP-TPS Distinguished Service Award recipients
Dr. Robert T. Clarke (awarded 1978)
Dr. Norman J. Norton (awarded 1978)
Dr. Jack D. Burgess (awarded 1982)
Dr. Richard W. Hedlund (awarded 1982)
Dr. John A. Clendening (awarded 1987)
Dr. Kenneth M. Piel (awarded 1990)
Dr. Gordon D. Wood (awarded 1993)
Dr. Jan Jansonius (awarded 1995)
Dr. D. Colin McGregor (awarded 1995)
Professor John H. Wrenn (awarded 1998)
Professor Vaughn M. Bryant (awarded 1999)
Dr. Donald W. Engelhardt (awarded 2000)
Dr. David T. Pocknall (awarded 2005)
Dr. David K. Goodman (awarded 2005)
Professor Owen K. Davis (awarded 2005)
Dr. Thomas Demchuk (awarded 2009)
Professor Reed Wicander (awarded 2014)
Professor Fredrick Rich (awarded 2016)
Dr. James B. Riding (awarded 2016)
Professor Martin B. Farley (awarded 2019)