Annual meeting awards

The following awards may be made at Annual Meetings:

L.R. Wilson Best Student Paper Award
Named for Leonard R. Wilson, University of Oklahoma, a pioneer in the field of palynology who published over 200 scientific papers effectively demonstrating the relationships of plants to sediments and rocks through time. He actively advanced the idea that plant microfossils could become a powerful biostratigraphic tool. Wilson was the first scientist to perceive the common uses of palynology in oil exploration. He served as a consultant to 17 major and independent oil companies during his career.

Presenters of talks at the AASP annual meeting who are identified as students are evaluated for audibility, clarity, speed, poise and appearance of the speaker; with emphasis placed on a clear statement of the problem, methods and conclusions of the research; and on the quality of the illustrations. The award includes a certificate, cash prize, and two years membership in AASP.

Best Poster Award
(Awarded items include a commemorative certificate, $250 check, two years paid membership in AASP)
(To be awarded by the Awards Committee)

Judged by an ad hoc committee formed by AASP Awards Committee members at the time of the annual meeting. The criteria are established by the judging committee and should include neatness and attractiveness of the poster including its graphics; scientific merit of the research problem; clarity and innovativeness of the research methods; clarity and simplicity of the results. Awardee must be first author, should be a student, or if the awardee has formally completed a graduate degree, cannot have been employed more than 6 months before the award is made.