AASP Foundation

The objective of the Foundation is to further the science of palynology to a wider audience, through promotion, assistance, encouragement, support, and furtherance of studies and research in the field of palynology, including the dissemination of information related to palynology, primarily through publications and continuing education.

The AASP Foundation is a nonprofit organization established on May 17th, 1976. The original trustees of the Foundation were Norman J. Norton (Chairman), Robert T. Clarke, and Raymond E. Malloy.
Initially, AASP began publishing Geoscience and Man in collaboration with The School of Geoscience at Louisiana State University; seven volumes were published between 1970 and 1976.
The initiative was continued with AASP’s own journal Palynology, first published in 1977. The publication of Palynology was managed by the Foundation until the role was assumed by Taylor & Francis in 2010.
In addition to the journal the Foundation also publishes the AASP Contributions Series (monographs that are published irregularly, the first being in 1970). It has also published several books on a range of palynological topics, including a revised edition of Kapp’s ‘Pollen and Spores’. A complete list of the publications can be viewed here. Our publications are increasingly available digitally, and the future of the Contributions Series will be wholly digital.  Submissions are welcome.

To contact the foundation, send an email to aaspfoundation@gmail.com

AASP Foundation Trustees

Chairman & Treasurer

Thomas Demchuk
PetroStrat, Inc.
(USA, TX, Houston)


David Pocknall
Consultant biostratigrapher
(USA, Texas)



Robert Fensome
Geological Survey of Canada

Publications Production

female trustee smiling into the camera

Jen O’Keefe
Morehead State University
(USA, Kentucky)